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About Factory Homes NW

Factory Homes has been designing and selling Manufactured Homes for over three decades. We have sold hundreds—if not thousands—of homes all over Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California.

Working alongside both park owners and homeowners, our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to consult on any manufactured home purchase.

Our philosophy on sales begins with the product. We are a Skyline and Fleetwood home builder, which allows us to offer a variety of floor plans at different price points. This also gives us immediate access to the product—meaning shorter build times and faster development. Combining that with having homes built and ready to ship, we can offer a seamless experience for clients looking to purchase their next home.

Over our many years of designing homes, we’ve discovered that focusing our attention on high-quality upgrades, both in the interior and exterior, suitable for all ages and family sizes, provides a result that feels like home. Join us and rethink what’s you once knew about manufactured homes and explore ours today

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We are located at:
8529 W State St.
Suite B
Garden City, ID 83714